There are many approaches that used to study Christianity as a religion. Different religious people, such as philosophers, spiritual leaders as well as convention members’ recognize the significant role played by Jesus Christ in the emergence of the early church. Christianity us characterized by faith systems, rituals, and observance, just like other religions of the world. Notably, Jesus interacted with His disciples using different ways. One of the ways was sharing the Holy Communion with them. The sacrament is one of the most significant rituals among the Christians, which they believe has a meaning and a purpose.

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In this view, this article attempts to identify and describe the sacraments in details as well as explaining their role in the Christian faith. It is important to state that there are seven sacraments, which are sacred and critical to the life of a faithful. The Catholics hold that the sacraments were established by God himself and through them He outpours his adornment. Through them, supernatural being justifies and cleanses His people. They include “Baptism, Eucharist, confirmation, reconciliation, anointing the sick, marriage, and holy orders” (Troolin par 5). Each of them is typified by observable outside rite that is constituted of matter and form. The matter is used to represent the actions of the convert while the form refers to what the preacher says of the sacrament.

Baptism entails experiencing the presence of God in the human soul. Many Christians hold that baptism is the sacrament of deliverance, and it is through it that Christians receive other sacraments. Receiving Eucharist is partaking in all aspects of the Son of God. Confirmation involves being empowered by the power of the sanctified spirit, which is critical to witnessing Christ and living according to His will. It takes place in various forms, such as anointing with chrism, the resting on of hands, or uttering some word. In reconciliation, a believer confesses his or her sins to the priest in the true spirit of repentance. Through their faith, the believers hold that they will be forgiven once they repent through the priest. In this case, the priest represents Christ, who, through him, sins are forgiven. The next sacrament is the anointing of the sick, which is believed to be the comfort of God’s grace. It acts as a source of corporeal and religious therapeutic. Besides, a Christian is given a chance to join Christ agonies as well as get ready for death. Marriage is another sacrament is held dearly by many Christians. It connotes the coming together of a man and woman who enter into an everlasting covenant with each other. They vow to assist each other, and God provides them with the grace that is needed to subsist. Lastly, the holy orders involve bishops and other clergymen who are ordained to serve God (Troolin par 6). The ordained persons devote their lives to serving Christ.

It is crucial to underscore that sacraments are important in the life of a faithful. Through them, the life of the three gods comes to His believers. A sacrament is an outward sign of an inner faith, which is instituted by Christ to give grace as Troolin par (5) states. Jesus acted as a sacrament, and He gave His life for the sake of humanity. Through the sacraments, believers receive the Holy Spirit, which acts as a guide to them. It is critical to mention that the church is also a sacrament that was instituted by Christ himself to give grace to people. It is only through them Christians receive grace, which help them to coexist peacefully. Moreover, the death of Christ is only realized through the rituals of the sacraments. The saving effects of his deliverance through the cross reach the faithful through the sacraments. This is the case, especially during the celebration of the Eucharist.
Therefore, the sacraments are rituals that are valued by many Christians across the world. The majority of the faithful posit that through them their lives are renewed and united with that of Jesus Christ. They are the expressions of believers’ faith in Jesus.

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