The students see school as boring and repetitive there are many reviews and after hearing about the same things, it is boring. Add to this the amount of standardized testing that we are currently putting students through and expecting all students to perform the same like they are robots it is easy to see Gatto’s grim picture of the school.

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The first purpose is adjustive or adaptive. The second purpose is the integrating. The third purpose is the diagnostic and directive. The fourth is differentiating. The fifth is the selective purpose. The sixth and final purpose propaedeutic.

I would agree to some extent, but schools do help students who are struggling in certain areas and may also help students who are advanced as well. The school is still necessary and beneficial to many students. I think that while there are students who would benefit from being homeschooled, I think there are also many who would not benefit from it.

While the school can be stifling allowing kids to have freedom to choose activities outside of school to help minimize the stress is a good idea. Having kids find out what motivates them and what they are passionate about helps them focus more when they are in the classroom and keeps the stress level down.

Rose’s teachers were there collecting a paycheck and not teaching the students. It was obvious from many of the teachers that they had given up on these kids. They did not try to engage the students and in some cases abuse was used as a control mechanism. No, I have not had any experience with teachers who are like this.

It would seem that Voc. Ed. was nothing more than just a place for them to be. They did not receive much from the teachers intellectually. Emotionally they were abused by staff and at times by peers. Rose had always struggled with Math and every time he tried to make it work he could not and it all just seemed boring.

High school is disorienting for students like Ken Hardy and for many students they act out either with aggression or with humor. It is more that they are lost, and they do not want anyone to know that they are lost, so they fight with people, or they try to make people laugh.

MacFarland offers Rose a chance at something better, and Rose remembers what he used to like. He becomes a reader and a writer and with MacFarlands help, he can go to college and have a real future. I think that his success was brought about by someone believing in him and that if Mr. MacFarland had not believed in him, he would have continued down the path he traveled.

The story of Rose confirms what Gatto says in his article because of Rose being placed in a specific track based on his test scores. MacFarland loved his job as a teacher it was what he dreamed of doing and teach he did. He also did not go through the drudgery of education classes he had majored in something other than education, so he had other things to draw on and bring to the table.

Rockwell has placed the graduate in front of a newspaper to show the world that the graduate is going out. War is going on, and there is the talk of a draft jobs are slim, and prices of everything are on the rise. It would seem that the young man is ready for what he has to face he is standing up straight and tall, and he looks like he has a positive attitude. What would be interesting to see is how he looked after several years had passed.

There would be no tie noticeable because he would not be wearing one. The clean-cut boys of the fifties are not found much nowadays. The headlines would be social media Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to name a few.

The little girl in the photo looks to be Ruby Bridges going to school in the white school after the fight to desegregate. The title can be interpreted as racial inequality is something we all must deal with if you think about the period many whites were against desegregation and for them the problem was the African American people here we have this little innocent girl surrounded by a bunch of white men leads me to believe that the white men are the problem, not the little girl.

The significance of the men’s faces being absent from the picture makes me think of them hiding from the world where they stand. Their hands are clenched in fists which are a sign of anger and fighting be that fight right or wrong, and they are striding with a purpose towards a goal that they believe to be right.

She may be thinking that Harvard is a good school to go to. Harvard is a school that is well known, and it is Ivy League school, so there is much prestige that goes along with it. Harvard accepts the best and the brightest from all over. If you look at the brochure, she is looking at there is no diversity shown they are all white people.

The first word that comes to mind is male because there are no girls in the school, so it is an exclusive school that takes only boys from families who have a high socioeconomic status. These boys probably come from parents who are doctors, lawyers, and politicians and live in large homes in rich neighborhoods and possibly even gated communities. In the summer, they go to fancy camps, or they vacation with their parents in foreign countries. After graduation, they will go on to college maybe one in which a parent was an alum possibly Ivy League.

The school realizes that there are more important things to worry about then just sports. They may look at it as a good thing because they realize that grades and sports are not high on the list of important things.

It is hard to say some of the screens look like they are on the same page so they may be the ones taking notes others have something different up so they may be doing other things instead of listening to the teacher.

In the Boondocks cartoon it would suggest that some students get the higher level thinking and some do not. Some students may take it a little too seriously, and others may not take it seriously enough.

I can say that while I did not go to a rich or culturally diverse school, the problems that Kozol has been in are nowhere near my school experience. We had adequate space and sanitary conditions with space for recreation. I believed that the teachers cared about the students, and while we did not have it all we had enough, and we did well.

It is not even the segregation that bothers me it is the awful conditions that these kids deal with on a daily basis. Having plenty of space and a safe environment to learn should be available to all children not just some.

There needs to be accountability on the part of the people who run our schools as well as the community. Funding for all schools should be an issue, and we need to look at how they are funded and fix the system.

Mike Rose at least had a chance to make something of himself. Vocational Education is still utilized, but it is no longer where we send students who lack motivation and goals. Rose would see that we are going backward instead of forward. Jack MacFarland would not succeed in modern schools because he made things up as he went along.