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Comparison of HIV Mortality Rates in the U.S. France and Nigeria

The U.S. is often identified as the country with the “best” healthcare system in the world. While it may be true that the U.S. outspends all national counterparts, accessibility of the system appears to lack. The result is a troublesome ranking of 27th in the world with relation to infant...

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Quantitative Research: Critique Process

The first four steps in the critique of quantitative research are comprehension, comparison, analysis, and evaluation (Boswell & Cannon, 2014; Cutcliffe & Ward, 2014). The awareness of and the ability to apply the critique process in nursing research serves as a means of building the knowledge and awareness of the...

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The Research Process

The submission of a manuscript for publication requires adherence to a strict set of rules and requirements which govern the appropriateness of the topic, the overall content, and the authorship of the material. Based upon the journal that is being considered for publication, a number of individual characteristics must be...

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Relationship Between Qualitative Research and Evidence-Based Practice

In qualitative research, scientists focus on studying the characteristics of a situation or a behavior rather than examining or comparing factors numerically, as in quantitative research. Quantitative studies may employ experimental, quasi-experimental, or correlational methods, while qualitative studies are more likely to involve interviews, text analysis, observation, participation, and focus...

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Conducting Research in an Ethical Manner

Christian Ethics play a major role in guiding different behaviors from a Christian perspective (Ed Langerak, n.d). It defines morally acceptable conduct and outlines what is considered wrong in the society in regards to Christ's teachings. Several biblical contexts talk about ethical behavior and as Christians; we should derive our...

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Steps To Writing Good Research Essays

Before you are required to write a research essay, it is certain that you would have written a number of other types of essays. However, writing a research essay is quite different from the other essays you've previously written. The first step involved in writing a research essay is getting an answer to this question; what is a research paper. Well, from the name you can deduce that unlike other forms of essays, this is more formal. It is an academic writing based on a topic that has been researched by the writer. It goes beyond just presenting the research findings, the writer is expected to analyze and interpret the results of his findings.

It is quite easy to know how to write a research paper. There are basic guidelines that you have to follow righteously to be able to write an effective paper.

Step 1: Source for Information for Your Research Paper

How to start a research paper is an important information you need to have before you begin work on drafting either your thesis or your paper. You have to judiciously investigate whatever topic you wish to research. Consult newspapers, read articles from journals, scour the internet, in fact, do what is necessary to get reliable information. Never manufacture data to suit your work.

Step 2: Record Information That best Suits Your Essay

This step goes hand-in-hand with step 1. As you skim your resources for reliable information, please jot down useful information that applies to your work. Jot down the name of the publication, author of the publication, the year the material was published and page where you found the information. This will come in handy when you want to reference.

By this stage, you will have a better understanding of your topic, what ideas you have for your paper and what thesis you will like to develop. This only comes after you have done the needed groundwork.

Step 3: Organize Your Research Paper Outline

All the information you have gathered will have to be organized for them to make any sense. An outline will help guide you as you write your essay. Whatever thesis you develop will have to be developed logically from start to finish. A research paper is not just about investigating a topic and presenting reliable information, the information will have to be presented in an acceptable, and coherent manner.

The thesis statement usually helps to achieve this. It is a brief summary of what your research work or essay hopes to establish and how you hope to do so in the essay. The thesis statement is pivotal to the essay. It is very important that you take the time to write a great thesis statement.

After the thesis statement, the main essay is next. The essay consists of the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The outline will help guide you at each stage of the essay.

Writing a research paper should not be a hassle as you have a lot of research essay samples, research paper outline example and examples of research paper format available on the internet. You can also find essay samples and examples of research papers on