EvaluationThe authors are highly recognized for the reason that Kanika Meshram is a Head of Department of Marketing and Marketing at the University of Macquarie, Australia. His colleague Aron is in charge of the school of management at the University of Tasmania in the same continent. Their works are highly credited for their contribution in advocating the empowerment of senior citizens through engaging others in third places.

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What strikes me most
When I was reading the article, the fact that consumers should be engaged and empowered in the third places struck my attention. The writers’ argument concerning the perception of third place and social engagement and the role it plays in empowering the seniors to develop a positive self-image as well as better access to information also drew my attention. The authors’ position regarding social capital and its influence on the understanding of the ramification of the social capital to marketing also captured my attention

Source Notes
It is important to note that community engagement in the third places is important in making decisions that affect service delivery. There is an emphasis on the responsibilities of the third places when practicing consumer-centered marketing through empowerment.
“Marketing constructs that are embedded in community issues, for example, value co-creation, relationship marketing, customer engagement as well as the related outcome.”
Third places are critical to enhancing seniors’ social capital through social participation.
“…seniors social capital and feeling of the empowerment in the third places display loyalty to the third places.”

Source reconsidered
Notably, third places play central roles in shedding light concerning social engagement within customer community in the development of social capital and empowerment. Additionally, it should form the basis of forming a customer-centered focus to servicescape. Arguably, they change and advance with time. In this context, the engagement should increase as the third place changes.

  • Meshram, Kanika, and Aron O’Cass. “Empowering senior citizens via third places: research driven the model development of seniors’ empowerment and social engagement in social
    places.” Journal of Services Marketing 27.2 (2013): 141-154. Print.