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Utilizing Rates in Research

The term “rate” has many connotations, but, for the purpose of this discussion its meaning pertains to research that is conducted by social scientists and demographers. A Number is obtained by dividing actual occurrence numbers in a designated time frame which is divided by the number of possible occurrences (Frankfort-Nachmias,...

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Healthful Environments

Incivility is a problem that has been haunting the nursing profession for years. It is a daily reality for millions of advanced nurse practitioners (Lachman, 2014). Many situations leading to incivility could have been effectively prevented. The best evidence-based strategies for creating a healthy work environment include the provision of...

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Peer Reviewed Article

A peer-reviewed article is an article that has been evaluated by other researchers in the academic community before being accepted for publication. They are also referred to as refereed or scholarly articles. Although peer-reviewed article splay a significant role in research, they present various advantages and disadvantages. Some of the...

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The Curious Researcher: The Research Paper Versus the Research Report

In this chapter, the discussion is about how to perform actual engaged research as opposed to writing a generic regurgitation of facts from researched sources. The point that is argued is that a research report is much less involved than a research paper. In fact, the author, Ballenger, admits that...

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Albert Einstein Essay

Albert Einstein was a German born theoretical science philosopher and theoretical physicist. He was born in March 14, 1879 in Ulm, German Empire. He came up with the idea of general theory of relativity which is one of the two pillars of modern physics, the other one being quantum mechanics...

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Christopher Columbus Essay

My first impression of Columbus’ letter to Santangel is that he is a very thorough observer. He goes into great detail of what he sees when he discovers the New World. These details include the names of each new island that he finds, the distances that he travels in between...

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Response to Scientific Thinking

1. What is the difference between what everyone does at times and what is necessary to be doing SCIENCE? It is imperative to consider the difference between scientific thinking and conventional thinking as it reflects on how people act and respond to different issues. People conduct activities anyhow but scientific...

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The Scientific Revolution

The Scientific Revolution marks a span of time where scientific advancement greatly changed the societal views of entire cultures, and threatened traditional ideas and beliefs. These discoveries founded the basis for math, astronomy, physiology, and philosophy. Most historians agree that this period begins with Copernicus and ends with Newton. This...

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Polarized Light

We live in a discovery world whereby human beings continuously come up with inventions. Polarized light is one of the discoveries. It is not easy to tell who first discovered it, since it was discovered in contexts which were different many times. Among those who are thought to have discovered...

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Malinowski And His Diaries

Bronislaw Malinowski was a polish-born anthropologists, who became famous due to his scholarly achievements and especially thanks to his discovery of the theory of functionalism. According to this theory, the culture has a role to play due to its capacity to satisfy biological needs of humans. Malinowski also developed a...

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Demotion of Pluto

During 2006, the planet Pluto was demoted. Pluto began to be doubted as meeting the criteria for being a planet. The status came into question when it was found that Pluto crosses Neptune's orbit, and is significantly smaller than the criterion based expectation (Jensen, Haskins and DeBoy). Thus, debates among...

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Dr. Ronald McNair: Astronaut

When an American both overcomes immense hardships to become an esteemed scientist and dies in service to his country, it is only right that his achievements and sacrifice be honored. Carl S. McNair, older brother to Dr. Ronald McNair, completely fulfills this obligation in In the Spirit of Ronald E....

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Charles Best: A Canadian Chemist and Cofounder of Insulin

Background informationCharles Best was born on February 1899 to two Canadian parents; Herbert Best and Luella Fisher. Charles married Margaret Mahon in 1924 in Toronto (Marble, 2011). They had two sons who were Henry and Alexander. While Henry became the president of Laurentian University in Ontario, Alexander became a politician...

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Visiting Endeavour Space Shuttle

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Endeavour Space Shuttle at the California Science Center. I was very excited just like the many other visitors from small children to seniors. There was a lot of learn, and I was fascinated by this very complex NASA decommissioned orbiter which formed...

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Perception and Reality Theory

After years of focus on biological shifts and impact on the brain, increasing study is again being focused on perception and reality (Horowitz, 2012). Major mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, impair views of reality. Past traumas, such as individuals who have undergone systemic abuse and trauma, can...

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Analyzing Quantitative Research

This paper analyzes and evaluates the article “Motivational Effects of Test Scores of Elementary Students” by Steven Brown & Herbert Walberg (1993). The article was published in the January-February issue of The Journal of Educational Research. The study’s research question was not explicitly stated, but can be determined from the...

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Why Science Matters

I feel that all life in proper balance serves to keep the planet hospitable. Human beings, animals, and plants all work together in an ecological balance to make sure that the planet runs smoothly. However, in the past few decades, I do feel that human beings have been disrupting this...

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