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Christopher Columbus Essay

My first impression of Columbus’ letter to Santangel is that he is a very thorough observer. He goes into great detail of what he sees when he discovers the New World. These details include the names of each new island that he finds, the distances that he travels in between...

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Response to Scientific Thinking

1. What is the difference between what everyone does at times and what is necessary to be doing SCIENCE? It is imperative to consider the difference between scientific thinking and conventional thinking as it reflects on how people act and respond to different issues. People conduct activities anyhow but scientific...

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The Scientific Revolution

The Scientific Revolution marks a span of time where scientific advancement greatly changed the societal views of entire cultures, and threatened traditional ideas and beliefs. These discoveries founded the basis for math, astronomy, physiology, and philosophy. Most historians agree that this period begins with Copernicus and ends with Newton. This...

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Polarized Light

We live in a discovery world whereby human beings continuously come up with inventions. Polarized light is one of the discoveries. It is not easy to tell who first discovered it, since it was discovered in contexts which were different many times. Among those who are thought to have discovered...

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Malinowski And His Diaries

Bronislaw Malinowski was a polish-born anthropologists, who became famous due to his scholarly achievements and especially thanks to his discovery of the theory of functionalism. According to this theory, the culture has a role to play due to its capacity to satisfy biological needs of humans. Malinowski also developed a...

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