Everyone dreads where some refuse to have, which is when and how to die. Actually, when I talked in this 5 minutes, a hundred million of cells will die and I will make one step closer to the end of my life. By the way, all of you guys would be same as me in this 5 minutes. I know, that is an unpleasant and heavy topic. But, it actually will happen in many many years later. So, we could not always want to escapism and be afraid in death.

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Let us see the four main ways about death. The first, sudden death, it has a very small probability and I believe nobody would be suffered now only if I talked so hard to bear. The second is Terminal illness which always occur to younger people such as cancer. The third is organ failure, in this situation, your respiratory, cardiac, renal would be weak until stop working. The last one is frailty, that is an inevitable part of aging and when people frailty is be max, they lose the capacity to live and get the end in the life. But actually, the frailty is the natural law, compared with other three ways, I guess that may be better ending. But when people suffer the pain of torture and feels even breath is torment. May be still be alive was not better than death. In this situation, people should have the right to die and the euthanasia would be in the people’s sight.

The purpose of euthanasia is to help terminal illness people reduce pain and this work based patient’s will. However, ever since euthanasia was appeared, the controversy around whether or not use euthanasia never has a right answer because It was not only could not get a specific standard what situation could use euthanasia but also has some arguments in ethic, law, and human rights. The New England Journal of Medicine said “the risks of abuse… might be greater in the United States than in the Netherlands because of the pressures for the cost containment in our health-care system”. () and a Michigan law professor, Yale Kamisar, said “Will we not sweep up, in the process, some who are not really tired of life, but think others are tired of them; some who do not really want to die, but who feel they should not live on”. () From these people’s attitude, it easily traces what they worry about if the euthanasia would be used normally.

In contrast, a lot of people insist on their right to die. Simon Binner, a guy who was diagnosed with aggressive motor neurone disease. That is an incurable disease, he would just face the pain until die. Therefore, he decides to use euthanasia in Switzerland and record this whole process by video of BBC documentary. ()

Actually, both of these two opinion has their own position and nobody is wrong. But I think we should not pay excessive attention on which side is right and which is wrong, we should get a best answer for patient and try our best to reduce their pain. Like The France’s adopts sedated dying law as compromise on euthanasia “they have approved a bill that will let doctors keep terminally ill patients sedated until death” ()

Such as doctor Peter Saul said “we can not control if we will die, but we can occupy death”. () we can occupy death, it not only just decides yourself whether or not die, but also choose what a way to die. That does not persuade people to give up the chance of survival, people should never give up living by technology improvement. But that just reminder people can die with dignity, whatever using euthanasia or other way. Do not let the illness make you forget the beauty of life. Also, having the courage to choose, however, it is really hard for you.

At the end, I want to use Dame Cicely Saunders words to finish today’s talk “you matter because you are, and you matter to the end of your life. We will do all we can not only to help you die peacefully, but also to live until you die”. We respect life, meanwhile, we respect every life’s choice.