It is with great pleasure and privilege that I answer your view. Firstly, I could like to thank you for sharing your personal efforts in ensuring that you set specific and measurable objectives. Your ability to uniquely to identify the area of need that is the implementation of a new quality improvement project that has directly reduced the number of runtimes for CRRT and better patient outcomes. Thank you for pointing out the staffing problem that had been neglected. I wholeheartedly agree with you, the competence of over 1400 nurses in peripheral IV hence need to address it. These issues should always be dealt with at the beginning even before nurses are hired by being more candid in our expectations, and that can help us establish a much more efficient staff and also increase their loyalty (MacLeod, 2012).
I appreciate your suggestion about the new comprehensive framework and its differentiation from the other previous groups. Perhaps the time has finally come to finish the job in the right was with our joint coordinated efforts. Thank you for taking the time to ensure that although the learning periods are short, you have been able to create personal learning objectives that are separate from the project goals. If you have any other helpful idea about such issues, please let me know. My determination to help you meet the ever dynamic needs reflects in support to the new choices that you have made. Please take some time to focus on the new framework. You have a right to expect more, and you can count on my support in this endeavor. Thank you again for your continued contributions that have helped us in the creation of new and better services to our patients that have positive effects on our record.

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  • MacLeod, L. (2012). Making SMART goals smarter. Physician Executive Journal, 38(2), 68- 72