William has explained the gradual development of the television from the miniature 12-inch to the current sleek and large gadgets, which have incorporated advanced and sophisticated technology. Apart from the technological transformation of television, William has also explained the revolutionary changes that have ensued in shaping alternative views of the society and the closer engagement of the audience across various segments of the globe. In as much as revolutionary and transformative perspectives have ensued from the technological development of the television and its overall impact on the society, William has underscored various benefits and shortcomings of the television, primarily as a communication and advertising gadget.

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Firstly, William’s explanation concerning television as a powerful tool in shaping the perspectives is relevant and accurate. For example, William has illustrated the broader scope in which the television has garnered an expansive audience through news and entertainment. Notably, the use of television as a communication platform for disseminating information across the world has played an important role in broadening its user base since it has captured the minds of many viewers. Currently, William’s explanation about the use and adoption of the television still stands because the platform remains to be one of the most convenient and accessible means of disseminating information to the masses.

In addition to the broader adoption of television by masses since its inception invention in 1927, William’s explanation on the rapid technological diversification of television is entirely accurate. For example, the position of the discussion post on the on the modernization and technological advancement in the use of television is entirely pertinent. For example, William’s views in the discussion post are exemplified by the increasing number of cable television, which has adopted advanced technological infrastructure in the dissemination of information. Additionally, William’s opinion in the discussion post concerning the development of smart television is accurate, considering the diversification and broadening of the scope of technology in television. For example, an increasing number of television models have currently adopted the smart technology, which executes multiple functionalities such as the live streaming of events, news, and real-time updates of various events unfolding within different regions of the world. Therefore, the gradual technological revolution in the design and use of television has taken an unprecedented turn given the rapid modernization as illustrated by the various views in the discussion post.

In addition to the modernization and technological revolution of the television, William’s opinion concerning the benefits and adverse effects of the television are relevant and important in understanding its fundamental tenets in the society. For example, William’s views concerning the increased connectivity of the world through television is perfectly accurate, as the television platform has played an important role in broadening the scope of entertainment, increasing awareness in the society, and offering informative pieces of news on a convenient basis. On the other hand, similar to other technological innovations, William has underscored the various challenges that have accompanied the modernization and technological improvement of the television. William’s views concerning the disruptive nature of television on sleeping patterns, the entrenchment of retrogressive antisocial behavior, interference with study habits, and weight gain are a precise illustration that emphasizes the detrimental consequences of television. Additionally, increased exposure to violence and adulterous behavior has depicted by William is a common behavioral misnomer that has culminated from the improper use of television. Apart from the direct consequences of television, I am of the similar opinion that dubious and underhand marketing strategies have unfairly adopted unprofessional approaches of using television to impose wants among children and consequently coerce parents in the unplanned purchase of items to their children.

In conclusion, the views expressed by William in the discussion post are an accurate and perfect reflection of the various benefits and challenges that have culminated from the technological development of the television.