As a business grows in popularity, it can be expected that pleasing everyone will become more and more difficult. For example, McDonalds is a world-renown business. It seems like everyone is happy with this company because they continue to sell millions of burgers and fries each day. However, a simple search would likely reveal plenty of places on the web where people have written negative reviews and harsh complaints. Social media hosts everyone’s opinions and feelings. People can post tons of reviews about countless companies.
Negative reviews can be a bad thing because it can be a potential cause for lost profits. On the other hand, it can good because a company will not have to search hard to discover negative content published about it. The person in charge of public relations can quickly address the person’s complaint. There is a three-step procedure that should be followed. First, the company’s marketing or relations expert needs to reach out to the person who complained. Their complaint should be addressed with sincere intent to reverse the problem. It can be done online, by email or by phone if possible. If the response to the customer can be posted publicly, that would be better. Other consumers would have a chance to see that the company is attentive to its customers. Secondly, it is a great idea to offer a special coupon, discount or exclusive offer to the customer as a way of thanking them for taking time to share the problem. This can help customers forget the initial problem, while encouraging them to continue spending money.

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In conclusion, reputation management is something that businesses need to take seriously. Using social media to address changes that evolved from responding to customers shows integrity, humility and honesty. People need to see a human touch with the online activities of the companies. Following the above-mentioned protocol should enable a company to
have an easier time managing their web-based reputation.