1. What is the difference between what everyone does at times and what is necessary to be doing SCIENCE?

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It is imperative to consider the difference between scientific thinking and conventional thinking as it reflects on how people act and respond to different issues. People conduct activities anyhow but scientific manner involves the use of specific protocols. The procedures have to be follow a systematic manner of setting hypothesis, testing them and making conclusion. Unless something is proven otherwise it is generally considering as just a hypothesis (Chenney). Therefore, science is philosophy and not a specific thing. Science and the normal way people do things has no wide different except that science comes at the moment of inspiration.

When people conduct their daily activities, they may have some theories which govern thing but unless that is proven it is far from considering scientific (Chenney). Science has to be consistent through testing variable variables both dependent and independent. The independent variables are manipulated, and their effects on the dependent variable noted (observed). The observation made is used to reach a conclusion which separates facts from bias (Chenney). Thus, while standard way people fail to different science and fiction science set apart these doubts. In this manner, knowledge is gained which is used to guide people in conducting certain activities.

2. If scientific thinking is innate then why was Science only invented once?
Despite scientific thinking being innate science was discovery once as it involved the realization of the correlation that exists between theory and practice. While people may be involved in their daily activities they fail to merge these two concepts. In science, theory is inseparable from practice. Although most of the people understand science to be learning concepts and laws set forth without having an opportunity to practice them this become invaluable. Science is laid on the foundation of laws but scientific thinking involves testing these theories (Chenney). Scientific thinking entails the development and testing of theories as to whether they are true since it is difficult to approve or disapprove a science theory.

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