C2.2PR Ashley
A good way bob could figure out what brought in more ticket sales would be to look at what he had did in the past years to improve his park and how much extra that brought in now if he hadnt done much to it until that poimt and that was the only change he had doneit i would say thrn he has the answer to what made his ticket sales rise. People love new thing and nicer things they like change so if bob was to change out different things at his park and add new attractions it would keep the same coming and add new you will be surprised what word of mouth does. If i went there rode the new slide went to work told my coworker then they went and then they told there friends it would continue people coming. 

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Ashley, you rightly argued that Bob should examine the improvements that were done to the park in the most recent times. The argument that what brought in more tickets in the past should be considered to determine the cause of the increased ticket sales is valid. In causality, one event is responsible for the occurrence of the second event (Messina, 2007). In this case, the major improvement done to the park is the introduction of new slides. Since the volume of ticket sales increased with the introduction of the slides without any other occurrence, it implies that the cause of the increase in the number of visitors is the level of sophistication provided by the new slides.

  • Messina, A. (2007). Public relations, the public interest and persuasion: An ethical approach. Journal of Communication Management, 11(1), 29-52.