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Wine and Cheese Restaurant

Abstract / Introduction The demand for wine and related products is continuing to increase. This is resulting in more producers and establishments offering various services and merchandise. In the future, this demand will lead to rising profit margins. Problem Statement The wine and cheese restaurant could reach out to new...

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Total Quality Management: The Case of ABC Restaurant

Problem Statement The primary problem facing the restaurant is course corrections for customers. Correcting mistakes in any bar or restaurant is critical. If the food a customer orders takes a lot of time before making to the table or the waiter takes the wrong order, it is important for the...

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Tipping in Restaurants

Tipping is evidently one significant way through which waiting staff in restaurants get compensated for their services. This is mainly because this strategy helps employers minimize on costs incurred as fixed wages for these staff. Restaurant owners often pay staff a given percentage of the stipulated minimum wage, rather than...

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Taj Mahal Restaurant Review

When we think of India, we think of many things such as emerging economic power, a major IT destination, festivals such as Holi, and food. Indian food has such a wide global following that it is difficult to imagine a major American city with some Indian restaurants and not surprisingly,...

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Taco Bell Restaurant

Introduction It is not always easy to determine if an ethnic restaurant represents the kind of food it offers in an authentic way. This should be the case; any restaurant selling a certain type of food is obligated to be true to that food's genuine flavors and dishes. The Taco...

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