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SWAT Analysis for Burger King

Strengths • Burger King has a strong brand name. It is the original maker of Whopper and the second largest hamburger chain in the world. The brand name makes it easier for Burger King to open new outlets andintroduce new products in the market. • It has high market penetration.Burger...

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Smoking Bans in Bars and Restaurants

The development of a viable solution in order to ban smoking from bars and restaurants requires a greater understanding of the challenges that exist and the different approaches that might be considered. For example, a ban on smoking in bars and restaurants has occurred in many other large cities, such...

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Restaurants and Perfect Competition

Perfect competition describes the idealized state of the economy. This is a hypothetical situation in which prices in the market are influenced by supply and demand, but individual sellers and buyers cannot influence the price. If the seller sets a higher price, it will lose customers who prefer buying goods...

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Restaurant Review: MP Island Cafe

The purpose of this paper is to give an in depth review of my recent visit to the MP Island Cafe at 5957 E Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk,VA 23502. Telephone: 757-466-0220. It is advertised as: "Hampton Road’s Premier Caribbean and Soul Food Restaurant," and states that: "We offer a wide...

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Restaurant Business

Most of us are so used to getting a good friendly service while eating out that we often take it for granted. In reality, working in a restaurant proves to be a very difficult and tiresome job. And this is not just because of how much walking and running servers...

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