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Night Owl v. 1000 Degree Pizza

Night Owl Pizza is a Georgia-based pizzeria, with locations in Kennesaw and Marietta. Offering both in-store options and delivery, the restaurant serves Italian and American foods and is open late until 3 am and 4 am during the week and weekend, respectively. Night Owl Pizza operates within the restaurant industry,...

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Maximizing in the Food Marketplace

In 1776, Adam Smith argued that the marketplace, a guiding invisible hand, would govern the economy and producers to be more efficient for customers (Rittenberg & Tregarthen, 2012) Local food systems are great example for rural communities (Dove, 2015). A local food system is the farmer providing its foods directly...

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Liebeck Vs. McDonald’s

After reading about the Liebeck Vs. McDonald’s case, I was surprised that a person could sue because the individual burned themselves on coffee. It is general knowledge that freshly brewed coffee is going to be hot. However, the more I read into the case, the more shocked I was at...

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Las Vegas Restaurant Review

Many people view Las Vegas as a city you may not want to live in but do visit for vacation at every given opportunity. I also enjoy visiting Las Vegas but not for the usual entertainment options such as gambling, theater, shopping, and concerts. Instead, my love for Las Vegas...

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Jersey Mike’s Subs: Doing Subs a Different Way

It is not always necessary to pay fine dining prices in order to get both a good experience and a great meal. Jersey Mike’s Subs in Ontario has proven this, as they have developed a reputation for serving the needs of the people who come there. Though Jersey Mike’s might...

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