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Review of Frank Pepe’s Italian Restaurant

Frank Pepe’s, a famous Italian restaurant in New York, is located in Brooklyn near the harbor. The location is elegant and charming at night. The chandeliers placed strategically throughout the several dining rooms highlight the elegance of the drapes and the tables. The contemporary, stylistic dinnerware are admittedly non sequiturs...

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In-n-Out Burger Case Study

We live in a constantly evolving and complex world. Companies have to evaluate various strategies to ensure that they will be stable and profitable. Sometimes, even ventures that belong to the same industry use completely different approach. In-N-Out Burger is an example of the company, which has become successful by...

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Home-Cooked Food vs. Restaurant Food

To begin with, home-cooked food is about freshness, energy, and passion put into the cooking process. On the contrary, restaurant meals require more thorough preparation. The menu demands a standardized process of preparation and approval before it goes for consumption. In that realm, there are specific differences that define the...

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Eating in a Pakistani Restaurant

New York City (NYC) is arguably the most cosmopolitan city on the planet. The city’s cultural diversity is a perfect example of how the mega cities will be shaped by forces of globalization. I read somewhere NYC has arguably the greatest number of restaurants of any city in the world...

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Chili’s Restaurant Review

Chili’s Restaurant is a staple of American dining found in nearly every major city. The bright red logo is highlighted with a chili pepper in neon lights as you walk into the franchise, and are greeted by a warm hostess who carries you along to your table. The positive initial...

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