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Chili’s versus T.G.I. Friday’s

While Chili’s and its long-time competitor T.G.I. Friday’s may seem quite similar on the surface, there are a number of differences when one investigates their respective menus. Some of the differences are subtle, but the small subtleties are sometimes what distinguish one restaurant from another (an may win over customer...

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Cajun Cuisine vs. Peruvian Cuisine

Cajun cuisine is a regional cuisine of Acadian people who were deported from Canada to the territory of modern Louisiana in the 18th century. Since the climate of Louisiana considerably differed from that of their native land, Acadians were forced to adjust to new conditions and create a new cuisine....

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Business 4P’s product, price, place, promotion

A business plan gives a brief background on the nature of a business. In coming up with such a plan, there are factors which must be considered. The most important issues are product, place, price and promotion (Kotler & Keller, 2016). A good plan has to address all these factors...

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Burger King Company

Burger King is expanding its internationalization growth and increasing worldwide sales owing to broadening advertising appeal among target markets. The company’s marketing strategy grounds on the diverse customer mix. Burger King builds its brand awareness on the integrated marketing communications strategy. The major target market embraces men aged 18 to...

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Burger King Design System

The most noticeable aspect of Burger King’s new aesthetic is the green, red, and brown line scheme. When one looks at a Burger King burger wrapper or bag, there is a distinct and space-occupying presence of three color-coded lines: green on the top, red in the middle, and brown on...

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