The specific topic: The purpose of this research is to dictate a necessity for an increased restriction of sex and violence as displayed in the visual media of television and the movies.

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The purpose of the paper: By utilizing a mixed methodological approach, specifically a historical review of qualitative and quantitative data, it will be possible to determine not only that such an increase in restrictions is a necessity but also the reasons for such a necessity.

The intended audience: The intended audience for the paper is that of the generally educated populace. It is believed that this audience has a general knowledge of the topic at hand, but does not know the specifics, by working to explain the reasoning for increased restriction of sex and violence within these forms of media it will be possible to work to educate the populace, allowing them to make their own determination of the necessity for the same.

The preliminary thesis statement: Recent years have shown an increase in the role of sex and violence on television and within the movies; by working to understand the issues that this causes for the general populace, it will be possible to show the need for increased restriction within these areas.

A review of the literature: Gosselt, De Jong, and Van Hoof (2012) show that media ratings are used to protect children and adolescents from viewing potentially harmful media content, but contrary to this purpose, the taboo nature of ratings beyond their age group serves to cause an increased preference for such content. Kotrala (2007) shows that the viewing of this content works to cause shifts in behaviors of these children and adolescents based on that which is viewed. Such information lends credence to a disturbing trend, one which should be nipped in the bud.

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