In order to minimize or eliminate retail loss, there is need for security measures to be put in place. In the current world, such systems are mainly electronic and may include CCTV cameras, Electronic Article and sensor barriers (Roleff, 2003). However, Physical security such as uniformed guards are also crucial to ensure that some action can be take in case any of the systems trigger a warning. According to Roleff (2003), the secret to retail loss prevention is investing in security systems.

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Electronic Article Surveillance
This is a magnetic device mounted to merchandise that triggers a set alarm if it happens to be removed from the store. It is a technology that is being used to prevent loss of resources through theft and shoplifting or removal of properties from the building. Unique tags are mounted on books and articles, and unauthorized take triggers alarms.

Surveillance systems
Refers to technologies put in place to prevent loss of properties such as cameras installed for observation purposes. They are connected to an IP network and observed by organization’s top management.

Retail loss prevention approaches are best when used in collaboration with other techniques; this is because one method cannot be used to solve a particular crime. No approach is, therefore, better than the other, used together they help maintain profits and eliminate losses in an organization.
Resource allocation management is one of the most effective ways used to prevent attacks and theft. These are some of the ways used to in the distribution of resources as a way of preventing property loss. Assigning and management of resources in an organization helps the organization achieve its set objectives. The best way to ensure profits are maintained and losses minimized is when resources are equally and equitably distributed. This entails making sure all the departments are similarly fitted with security measures in such a way that all regions in the firm or the organization are taken care of.

In conclusion, retail loss prevention techniques are approaches developed to reduce the rate of crime and fraud in any organization. An organization that seeks to achieve the best results should invest majorly on the security system and improve its customer service.

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