The movie titled, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” is characterized by peoples’ desire to be free and thrive against all odds. When the protagonist, Abe Lincoln, is first introduced, he is anguished because of the way in which his mother was killed by a vampire. As a young boy, there is nothing he could have done back then but vows to revenge in the future. When Abe meets with Sturges, he is happy to know that he can now take revenge by shooting down the vampires. However, he quickly realizes that this will not work as the vampires are already dead. Abe later reflects to his life and realizes that he can use his rail-splitting skills to make an impact. Here, the author tactically uses reflection to inform the reader of the protagonist’s past life, while avoiding any effort to seem humorous.

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When Lincoln marries Mary Todd, things take a quick turn and he transforms into a powerful politician. It does not take long before Lincoln gets the position as president and starts operating from the state house. Lincoln realizes that his problems are still far away from over after he get gets information that the vampires have taken control over the south. Here, the author portrays the theme of fate in the sense that, despite coming from a humble background, Lincoln was destined to become a great leader, and not even the vampires could stop him. This story coincides with the story of the real president Lincoln and his influence in America.

At the state house, Lincoln has brought along friends like Will Johnson and Joshua Speed. Lincoln first took note of Johnson when he found him being mistreated because of his color. The author uses the theme of slavery to explain how minority groups in the society have continually been oppressed and denied their rightful positions. Having helped him in developing strategies for the civil war, Speed is a great friend of Lincoln. The author explains the stories of Johnson and Speed with great admiration and seriousness. The stories are frank and sincere, and this makes this work of art more realistic and appealing to readers.

The author portrays Lincoln’s great skills when he invents silver weapons to defeat the vampires. It can be said that Lincoln’s innovative ideas of using silver are as precious as silver because of how they change the game in favor of Lincoln and his men on the ground. The author takes the reader through a sequence where Lincoln’s men are fighting with the vampires in a speeding train. The train goes through burning wooded bridges and to an underground tunnel where finally, the war is won. Through the sequence, the author uses special effects and skillful editing to make the episodes very much exciting. The author’s ability to take the reader at the heart of the fight is crucial in creating understanding of what the characters in the movies were going through as the fight progress. Lincoln’s idea of fleeing the slaves in the rebel states plays a key role in sealing the victory of the North.

Despite the victory of the North, Lincoln’s fate is sealed when he gets assassinated by Wilkes Booth, who happens to be a vampire and sympathizer of the Confederate. Sturges is not happy with the assassination of Lincoln and he hunts the killer down and executes him. Because of the contributions that Lincoln made in the North victory, Sturges transforms Lincoln into a vampire and the fight against the long-lived vampires continues. Here, the author uses the theme of death to show the visions of America. America has had great people whose contributions remain crucial in holding the country together as a super power.