The writer of the book starts by mentioning the essence of Christianity. There are some things that show it is important to believe in God. The first reason is the fact that people long for justice in the society that characterized by injustices (Wright, 2010). In such communities, the only source of justice is expected to be a supreme being who is above human understanding. The second thing that gives Christianity essence is the struggle in search for spirituality in the cultures whose central focus is the material things. Many people concentrate on natural materials to get hope, yet, it is the belief in a supernatural being that can give them genuine hope (Wright, 2010). Christian says that the desire for permanent relationships that will end in death is another echo that demonstrates the essence of Christianity. Another reason for believing in the existence of God is the fleeting encounters of the beauty of where there is a lot of ugliness (Wright, 2010). In fact, the four echoes provide the adequate rationale for pointing to the existence of a creator. Indeed, the questions regarding why people pursue spirituality, the reason they clave for the relationship, and why beauty is beautiful makes people want to understand who God is as well as what He expects from us.

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According to Wright, the echoes are not evidence for God’s existence, but they help to open the minds of people who are searching for things more than what scientific materials and consumerism offer (Wright, 2010). According to the writer, not everything should be explained using scientific point of view. Using our observations on the moral chaos that are taking place in the society, Wright says that it is possible to conclude that spirituality, relationships, and beauty are authentic. According to Wright, Christianity is holding that the world will be under justice one time, and God will dwell in a perfect relationship with him as well as others. Believing in the resurrection of Jesus and rejecting the ones of pagan religions is an explicit demonstration of Christianity according to Wright.

Faith is essential to Christianity because with it people believe in the existence of an individual they do not see (Wright, 2010). That is the reason he chose to focus on Jesus’ personal sense of His deity and mingle it. Additionally, he holds that trusting that the word of God is eternal is an aspect of Christianity. In fact, it is a main overlap between the heaven and earth. Notably, Wright does not concentrate on arguing that Christianity exists, but on it as salvific (Wright, 2010). The explanations he offers concerning salvation, the kingdom of God, and the mission of God is a sign that he believed in the existence of Christianity. Wright argues that Christianity makes claims about history, and there is another realm that intersects with the world where people live.

I understand Christianity to be trusting in God and His son as well as believing in the Holy Scriptures. If fact, it entails having faith in God and being ready to accept the role of unfolding His plan for the world. However, it is important to state that people cannot realize God’s plan for them unless they learn to forgive others. It is important that Christian become places of overlap where the light of Jesus shines through them. I also posit that the essence of Christianity can be realized in our actions. The reason is that they are the ones that dictate whether we promote justice or not. The reality is also evident in supporting God’s creation by caring for it. It also entails being role models in the society by promoting and advocating justice.

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