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Characteristics of Revolutions

A revolution is a forceful change in political power within a short period. It occurs when people revolt against the authority in power to change the constitution or modify the existing one. Revolution has different characteristics, and each of them has a role to play. One of the characteristics is...

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Life in Pre-Revolutionary American Colonies

History have proven time and again that when looking for the truth about what life was really like for members of a specific culture or society, the best place to start with the observations of an outsider. The image created by those who left behind their life in England to...

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French and Indian War

The French and Indian War happened between 1754 and 1763. It was started along the colonial boundaries in modern-day Pennsylvania. It was started as a simple boarder war, which Washington was sent to resolve this dispute, but it quickly escalated to a full battle between Washington and the French colonists...

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Mao Zedong on the Keys to a Successful Revolutionary Insurgency

Mao Zedong often emphasized the relationship between politics and war, as two sides of the same coin. Politics and violence must be present in the right balance -- if there were too much violence and not enough politics, the purpose of the revolutionary insurgency would be lost in an ever-escalating...

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History of NOW: The Revolution Today?

The ideals of the American Revolution included freedom from an oppressive government, freedom from unnecessary taxation and the liberty to pursue happiness. These ideas are at work in US politics today. The ideology of the American Revolution can be seen in the objective news that relates the messages of politicians...

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