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The American Revolution

Was the American Revolution, revolutionary? The American Revolution was not in itself all that revolutionary, being rooted in ideals of democracy that were first determined in the city-states of ancient Greece, but the act of leaving Great Britain and the building of the colony may have been (Nash, 159-249). It...

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A Revolutionary Nation

According to the video, how did the Seven Years War contribute to the colonial conflict with Britain that would lead to the American Revolution? Be detailed and specific. According to the video, the Seven Years War contributed to the colonial conflict with Britain because American colonists were forced to fight...

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The Sentencing Revolution

Sentencing is among the most complicated issues in criminal justice, as there are different perspectives on this phenomenon. For instance, for the public, it is a punishment that is imposed after the conviction. In view of the legislature, these punishments differ according to the differences in offenses. However, the challenge...

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Texas v. American Revolution

Both Texas and the United States of America entirely waged a war for independence. Despite their inherent interrelatedness, there are similarities and differences in their revolutionary wars. The American Revolution was fought to free the colonies from English, an effort in which they were victorious, leading to the establishment of...

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The American Revolution From A Different Perspective

During the period of salutary neglect, the thirteen colonies enjoyed the liberty of home rule while England was preoccupied with domestic and regional strife. However, “England took the first steps toward greater control of its colonies…within a decade of the Glorious Revolution” (Stockwell, 2012). With the intention of protecting the...

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