Dr. Christina Warriner, archeological scientist, delivered a detailed synopsis of the current day Paleo Diets, three myths associated with these diets, and then followed up with three lessons. Dr. Warriner brought her expertise as an archeological nutritionist into the presentation with examples of specific foods and their nutritional value, and information regarding the evolutionary changes and adaptations of the human body.
In her TED talk at the University of Oklahoma, Warriner discussed the following three myths: 1) the Meat Myth – humans evolved to eat meat; 2) paleolithic people did not eat grains or legumes; and 3) the paleo diet foods are what our ancestors ate. According to Warriner, there was no single Paleolithic diet. Our ancestors were nomadic and Paleolithic diets were regionally variable and seasonal, the people carried small food packets. The ate lean meat with the organs and bone marrows. The foods available to man today, including fresh fruits and vegetables, have evolved and Warriner refers to them as “man made.” Her example of the broccoli we know today compared to the broccoli the Paleolithic man ate made her point.

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Warriner suggests three lessons: 1) there is no one correct diet – diversity is key; 2) diets must be rich in fresh foods in season; and 3) resolve to eat whole foods. The speaker brings her expertise to the audience with examples. Listeners can now question the modern paleo diet for themselves and better understand the biological and nutritional basis as it relates to modern man.