One of the most listen songs in the world is ‘My heart will go on’ by Céline Dion. The song was released during the premier of the movie Titanic which reflects on the accident that happened in the 19th century. It was the main theme song for the movie that was produced by James Cameroon. Originally, the song was released in 1997, and the song was included in top hundred hit songs all over the world. As such, the song became the biggest hit by Celine Dion and one of the best singles of all time. Even in the modern days, ‘My heart will go on’ is still played in various stations. The music video was produced in 1997 commemorating the events that happened during the fall of Titanic. Many critics argue that the song became a hit because many people can reflect on the events that took place during that period. Due to its popularity and widespread acceptance, the song is considered as Celine Dion signature. Birk & Birk (1972) in their book explain that the importance of rhetorical analysis of a song is to the audience.

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It was a commemorative song in which the songwriter wanted the audience to be part of the story that involved two people who loved each other. ‘My Heart will go on’ is a love song in which Céline Dion explains that even if a person dies, their love will still remain. The message of the songs is about telling the audience to be patient once they fall in love. It is certain that many people tend to break up once they disagree about certain issues (Bécam, 2011). In such a case, the song inspires people that love does not fade as it will continue to grow.

Céline Dion is one of the singers with the best voices in the history. In fact, she was included in the world Gunnies book of records for selling the most albums in a year. This shows how much she is popular in the modern generation. The song also reflects on some of the issues that people who are in love experience. For example, the artist begins by indicating how the couple fell in love in the first place. Their love was very strong and they thought nothing would separate them. However, as they continued dating, they faced other challenges that weakened their love. As a result, she highlights that couples should focus on the initial love and not the challenges that they might be experiencing at the moment. The message also focuses on the environment that people tend to fall in love. The singer indicates that people cannot decide on the environment in which they should be placed for them to fall in love. As such, the couple should accept themselves and try to create a better environment for themselves. According to Birk & Birk (1972), “people should first analyze the context of the message of any lyrics.” Such statement means that it is important for the audience to understand the message or the theme of the song before trying to analyze it.

Céline Dion has performed that song on various platforms around the world. In fact, through that song, she was nominated for two Grammy awards in which she won both of them. Many singers have tried to emulate her by using that song to promote their music. On the other hand, she has been very lenient with them since that is considered as illegal.

Another theme of the songs is distance in which the singer explains that people should not be near each other for them to be in love. One of the lines of the song highlights that as much as the other person is far away; his heart still waits for her. Therefore, the audience can learn that distance should not be a reason to separate them. In fact, if the two people are truly in love, they will still wit for each other. In the movie Titanic, one of the characters died at the end of the film leaving his lover behind. The singer used that aspect to explain that even death cannot stop a person from loving another. That is why she explains that her heart will still go on even after he had died. Many people can reflect on such issues as they have lost their loved ones on various occasions. In such circumstances, they believe that they world has fallen part as they will never find someone who truly loves them as the one that has departed. Through this, Celine Dion explains that such people should still have hope that one day they will meet again.

The context or audience of the song can also include weddings as a way of encouraging the couples to believe in love. With the increased globalization, people have traveled to various destinations in search of better opportunities. In that case, they have left their loved ones behind. By using that song, it encourages them to continuing communicating as it is the only way that they will strengthen their love (Dixon, 2017). Some people are discouraged when they are having a long distance relationship.

One of the famous lines of the song is that ‘love can touch on us one time and last for a life time.’ This means that some people might break up with their loved ones and still remember them for the rest of their lives. As such, it is important for the people to commit to their partners so that they would not regret in the future.

In conclusion, ‘My Herat Will goes on’ is motivating songs that exploits that challenges that people who are in love tend to experience. It motivates them by assuring the couples that no matter the situation they are experiencing, their love would still remain.