Business risk refers the potential loss or gain a business can experience. By analyzing potential risks, an organization is better able to create solutions to future problems. In order to combat this risk, it is best to create a solution that will yield the best results for the organization. A risk assessment should be created in order to create a plausible solution. The current problem the organization is facing is that team members and management are not in line. It is having a direct impact on the quality of services the company’s clients are receiving. In other words, the lack of team work throughout the company has created negative financial and organizational issues for the company. The following analyzes the different changes that need to be made in order to decrease the negative impact the company’s clients are currently seeing.
Personnel Changes
There are several changes that need to be made in regards to the roles and responsibilities of the personnel. First, roles and responsibilities should be properly outlined. Both employees and managers should be given detailed outlines of their individual roles and responsibilities. After understanding their individual’s roles and responsibilities, they are better able to see and understand how their skills fit in to the overall team picture. In other words, by outline individual tasks and responsibilities, the individuals within the team will better understand their place, as well as other, within the team (HBR, 2013).

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Systems and Skills Needed
The employees will need to gain new skills in order to implement this solution. However, these will only be used for or by the managers. It has been acknowledged that the managers do not make their team members feel like they are working together to meet a common goal. In order to combat this problem, management needs more leadership training and skills in order to boost the morale of their employee. By getting the employees and managers feel like they are all working as a team, both morale and team efficiency should be increased.

The financial cost associated with these skills and systems are minimal. While training does bring on financial responsibilities for an organization, these financial responsibilities are minimal when compared to other organizational needs. Managers should be placed through specific training that focuses on teamwork.

Interdepartmental Changes
There are also interdepartmental changes that need to be made throughout the organization. The following will assess the interdepartmental changes that need to be made throughout the supervisors, human resources delivery, and financial departments of the organization.

The interdepartmental changes that need to be made throughout the supervisors are to focus on methods that encourage teamwork. The direct role of the supervisor should be to encourage teamwork. This should help mend the gap between management and the employees. The supervisors are directly connect the employees and the managers. Thus, the supervisors are important and are essential for efficient communication. These individuals need to encourage communication throughout the entire chain (Little, 2016).

Human resources
The changes that need to be made throughout the human resources department are to make all responsibilities focused more on team work and less on individual tasks. Human resources are responsible for hiring and training. These individuals should be placing more emphasis on teamwork throughout their training programs. Thus, the human resource department needs to create new training programs in order to increase the teamwork throughout the organization.

The interdepartmental changes that need to be made within the delivery department are more efficient teamwork. The company’s main priority is to deliver high performance to their clients. Thus, their main goal is to be able to provide cost-effective and timely services, which requires a company to work together on both ends of the chain. In other words, managers and employees must work together. Training should be given on more efficient ways of working as a team.

The financial changes that need to be made are allocating more money into proper management training. Furthermore, more money should be allocated to the human resource department, as they are responsible for training. The human resource department should not only have enough people, they should also have enough

Communication Barriers and Client Impact
The communication barriers will decrease as both ends of the chain start communicating more effectively. As communication and teamwork increases, the communication barriers that exist throughout the organization will start to decrease. The clients will also see a positive impact. The solution will increase their engagement level because they will receive their goods or services faster and more effectively. This will also lead to positive results for the organization. It should increase their sales and reputation.

Brand/Reputation Impact
The organization’s brand or reputation will be impacted by delivering their products and services more efficient to their customers. The clients should be happier, as the lack of teamwork within the organization will no longer negatively impact the timeframe of when they receive services. In other words, increasing teamwork throughout the organization will only positively reflect and impact the organization.

Overall, the goal of the risk assessment is to identify what the potential risk will be if the solution is implement. Analyzing the risk helps the organization predict the future impact if the solution is implemented. Currently, the organizations should be primarily focused on teamwork, as that will help the managers and employees work better together. As a result, the clients will receive their goods and services quicker and more efficiently.

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