From previous assessments, we have considered an independent variable and a dependent variable that has changed over the years but basically dependent on the independent variable. In same manner as before, we have also considered the number of apps on the Apple Store as the independent variable, while the number of downloads would be the dependent variable.
Furthermore, we take a critical look at the external factors that could impact our forecasts and predictions for downloads and the number of apps on the Apple Store. A lot has already been said about the Apple Store and the nature of exclusivity deployed by Apple in its management. There is an inherent risk that could be posed to this exclusivity which has continued to give Apple ‘an invincibility’ in the tech world. Changes in regulation could mean Apple having to entirely forego that exclusivity and thereby opening its ecosystem more than it has done previously. Failure to heed such regulations, as we have seen in places like the Eurozone could come with severe fines and could affect its business deeply.

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There is also the risk that people’s taste could finally switch from ‘the Apple experience’ to something different. This could effectively impact on the number of users available to develop apps as well as those willing to download such apps. This decline would translate to a reduction in the number of apps available for download and ultimately, the number of downloads. Suffice to say, the tech world is a highly dynamic and unpredictable one and ruling out shifts in consumer patterns has spelt disaster for tech companies that were otherwise deemed ‘to big to fail’. Blackberry and Nokia readily come to mind.

The stability, user interphase and user experience levels on the Apple Store have indeed being unmatched thus far compared to others available. This has made the usage of the store a unique and unmatched experience for most users. Any slight tweak or iteration that does not indeed act or seem as an upgrade may effectively ensure usage declines. The effective resultant effect would mean that less developers available to develop apps for the store and with lesser apps available for download for users. It is thus, very critical that the usability of the store should be maintained and upgraded as need be with the end user in mind.

To conclude, ensuring a devolvement from both political and crime related issues is also critical to the baseline projections as already posited being achieved. This is because this could impact the outlook by users, developers and indeed the entire ecosystem. Adopting an air of neutrality will help preserve the current outlook on the usage on the Apple Store, and thus the number of apps available for download and how many app downloads users end up making.