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Rock Music

Rock & Roll History

IntroductionIt is interesting to explore how Rock & Roll has evolved over the years, and how society itself interprets it in changing ways. In the early days of the genre, Rock was largely based on rebellion against traditional music and a sound that was fast, loud, and strong in guitar...

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Evolution of Rock: Black Flag My War Album

Black Flag’s 1984 album My War has an ambiguous and controversial status in the history of American rock music, punk and hardcore more specifically. At the time of its release “punk audiences hated it” (Margolis, 2012), Black Flag alienating their core group of listeners. This is arguably because the album...

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Napster Article Response – Rolling Stone Magazine

In “The Record Industry's Decline,” the authors examine the state of the music industry at what may have been the most important turning point. Written in 2007, the article focuses on the Napster “revolution,” how the public accessed music online, and how industry executives missed their opportunity to survive the...

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An Evaluation of the Cross The Green Mountain Song

IntroductionThe song was written by Bob Dylan, an American songwriter, researcher, film-maker, and a performer. It was used as a soundtrack in the Civil War movie “Gods and Generals”. Most of the concepts articulated in the song connect American history on Civil War to the suffering of soldiers. Bob’s song...

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Musical Artist: Queen

Queen is a British rock band which formed in London, England in the early 1970s and is comprised of four members: Freddie Mercury on lead vocals, Brian May on lead guitar, Roger Taylor on drums, and John Deacon on bass guitar. Queen is known for having many hits that include...

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