1. Between 1990 and 2007, there was an unacceptable influx of undocumented migrants that went up from 3.5 million to 11 million, and illegals are continuing to flock in even though the numbers may not be increasing.’This affects all of us, puts an extraordinary strain on public finances, benefits, services, and housing, particularly during these recession hit times.
2. It is however, a common belief that our current boarder security law enforcement needs to be strengthened and built up with more boarder patrol officers as well as the cutting-edge technical and physical deterrents. Whereas an opposing is more liberal, with people thinking that the boarders should be more free for people to come and go as they please, and that the US government is being to harsh on the Mexican people on the other side of the boarder who we should be able to accommodate and help.

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3. My view is that we cannot take in countless millions of immigrants as we already have severe socio-economic problems such as high unemployment and lack of affordable housing, not to mention a shortage of school places, problems with medical care, and too much crime.

4. To validate my point, there has been documented studies on the migrants’ assimilation, and this has often been shown to be problematic. A large number of Mexicans are unable to speak English fluently, and reports have indicated that they do not improve it very much once they have been living here. This alone can mean that it would be hard for them to get a job, and so the US benefits services may have to provide for them. There are also reports that violence and crime in certain poor Mexican enclaves within certain States is prevalent. This differs from the opposing belief, because being too liberal with boarder control has been shown to cause problems.

5. My thesis is: The Johnson’s Southern Border and Approaches Campaign is a great strategy.