Cognitive development is the materialization of the ability and capability to think and understand. According to this theory a child environment will largely determine how a child will think and understand things. It therefore elaborates how a child imagines the world to be. This in nutshell mean a child social development has a direct bearing on his or her personality.
Piaget’s theory of cognitive development is an all-inclusive conjecture about the natural world and development of person intelligence. It was initially elaborated by a Swiss developmental psychologist by the name Jean Piaget (1896–1980). Jean Piaget deliberated that the infancy plays a very important and active role to growth of brainpower and intelligence. He also alleged that a child learns in the course of doing things and actively exploring. The theory of intellectual development actually involves focuses on the following; reasoning, believing, remembering and lastly perceiving. It is primarily termed as a developmental stage theory, although, in fact, it deals to a large extent with the nature of understanding itself and how human being comes progressively to obtain, build, and use it.

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According to Piaget, cognitive development was a progressive reformation of cerebral processes as a result of organic maturation as well as environmental experience. Consequently, children create an understanding of humankind and world around them, and then experience inconsistencies between what they previously knew and what they see in their environment. Furthermore, Piaget argued out the thought that cognitive development is at the hub of human organism. To him language is a subject on cognitive development. Piaget’s previous work received the furthermost attention.

Many parents and guardians have been optimistic to provide a rich, compassionate environment for the child’s natural predilection to grow, develop and learn. The child-centered classrooms as well as “open education” are unswerving application of Piaget’s views and thus personality development.