“Something’s Gotta Give” directed by Nancy Meyers is a remarkable movie and an interesting option due to several reasons. It shows that romantic life does not stop after forty years of age. Moreover, romantic life does not stop for women first and foremost – such is the message of the director. The film shows that a woman in her forties or fifties is still able to charm a man who has the habit of dating women exclusively under thirty. The film is a great example of comedy that empowers women, who think that they have no more worth on the so called dating market.
The story starts with Harry Sanborn, a wealth music businessman from New York. For forty years he has been dated women under thirty only. He is shown with his last conquest Marin Klein. They are about to spend the weekend at her mother’s house out of town. They are having a good time when they are suddenly surprised by her mother’s visit. This is the moment when new are introduced Erica Barry, the female protagonist of the film and, arguably, the primary character of the entire motion picture. She comes with her sister Zoe to have some time away from the busy town only to have an awkward dinner with her daughter and her lover, who is older than Erica. During the foreplay between Harry and Marin, Harry haves a heart attack due to too much excitement. The local doctor, Julian Mercer, tells Harry that he has to stay in the vicinity, because travelling far in his condition would be most unsafe. So, Harry is stuck in that same house, having to deal with the awkward arrangement. Harry breaks up with Marin soon while manages to develop a relationship with Erica living under one roof. After they consummate their relationship he feels well enough to move out. Erica comes to dinner with Marin to the family dinner with her father and ex-husband. In the restaurant, she witnesses Harry with another woman. They have a falling out after which Harry suffers yet another heart attack, which turns out to be simply a panic attack. Erica is heartbroken, but perseveres. She starts to date Doctor Julian, who treated Harry after the heart attack. Her play is a major success. Six months later Harry finds her in Paris telling her the story of how he has been visiting all women that he has wronged throughout life. He admits that his feelings for Erica only strengthened throughout this time. Julian steps aside realizing the feelings between the two. Harry and Erica live happily ever after.

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In all honesty, such a short summary does not translate well all comedy and marvelous acting that is evident in the film. Jack Nicholson performing Harry is at his best – ironic, eyebrows spiking upwards with a devilish yet charming smile. Diane Keaton has a far more interesting role for she has to play a 56 year old Broadway playwright who has never experienced anything positive in relationship to men. Despite this, she is an independent entity. She is not scared to head into a relationship when it feels right. At the same time, she has plenty of dignity to walk away seeing the betrayal. Moreover, she has enough heart to forgive when she sees that the person who she loves does feel sorry and attempted to atone for his sins. All aspects of the character are played out whimsically with the remarkable amount of sincerity and glimmer in eyes. Other characters are less memorable for the film clearly revolves around two protagonists making other characters nothing more than the elements of the setting for the film’s love story.

The film possesses a great mood and offers lots of laughter to viewers. Moreover, it depicts women in a more than positive way sending out the message that giving up on pursuit of happiness in personal life after 40 or 50 is not the best option at all.