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“Composed Upon Westminster Bridge” and Romanticism

At its simplest, Romanticism is a celebration of intense emotion and nature and a rejection of civilized and rational things. It embraced individualism and freedom. Gothic Romanticism embraced the same things Romanticism embraced, but with a darker twist. The Romantic authors wrote a variety of things including poetry, plays, short...

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Madame Bovary Analysis

In Gustave Flaubert’s novel Madame Bovary, the character Emma is noted and analyzed as tremendously selfish. However, this analysis is simplistic in its view. While Emma is certainly selfish and even cruel, her husband Charles also displays selfish tendencies. It is his selfishness combined with Emma’s character that causes their...

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The Romanticism of the American West

The American West is one of the places that contain the world’s historical aspects of literature. Western America is an adventure of new discoveries. Literature and art are the symbolic dimensions of the western American region that are used to explain the mythical beliefs of living. However, most of the...

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Romanticism in South America

The purpose of this paper is to take an in depth look at Romanticism in South America. Romanticism (also referred to as the Romantic Period or Romantic Era), can be described as: an 18th and 19th century movement which marked the response in politics, religion, art, philosophy and literature from...

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Romantic Period Writers

The Romantic Period writers were different in many ways from the Enlightenment Age thinkers who came just before them. The writers of the Romantic Period were responding in many respects to changes that made society less personal and more industrialized (Kelly, 2016). Technology had developed to such an extent that...

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