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Three Romantic Poems, One Theme

Romanticism was an artistic and literary movement that occurred at the end of the 18th century. This period came as a reaction to the Industrial Revolution and the Age of Enlightenment where nature was as crossroads with the scientific developments of that time. This is one of the bases for...

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Neoclassical and Romantic Poetry: Defoe and Burns

The Neoclassical period (1660-1798) is a revisiting of the classical periods, hence the name, neoclassical, i.e. new classical. This was a period that is known for the satire of the times. Many people think of Alexander Pope when they think of the Neoclassical period. In this essay, Daniel DeFoe’s, “The...

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Gothic Romanticism

IntroductionIn every generation, there is a certain movement which has a philosophical influence on the society that it changes the way people think, act or perceive things around them. These changes could be religious, political, involve human rights. Arts and literary works may inspire some movements. The world is subject...

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Romanticism in Latin American

Romanticism is a term used to refer to a legendary and inventive group that is associated with “Western Europe in the 18th century” (Meade 50). In fact, it was popularized in the 19th century in Latin America by Esteban Echeverria. The idea of romanticism is viewed as a response to...

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