When thinking of shows that depict a true family setting and the bear truths of marriage, there has been few that could compare to the Roseanne show that aired from 1988 to 1997. The show presented a middle-aged couple, Dan and Roseanne, with three children and Roseanne’s sister as the primary supporting characters. The couple faces numerous difficulties from economic struggles to parenting issues and problems with extended family. Regardless of these issues, the couple continues to work through the problems and, when appropriate, find a way to celebrate the big and small wins in their lives.
One of the primary ways that Dan and Roseanne were able to work through these problems was the way that they communicated. Specifically, when they were unable to find the right words to say, they would walk off from the other. Although, at times, this created an increased tension level, it was necessary to remove themselves from the situation until they calmed down. In an earlier episode, the two of them went through a body language class and it was important that they were able to control their communication both verbally and nonverbally as they were aware of each other’s intended messages.

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Most episodes, Dan and Roseanne were depicted as busy parents, but occasionally it would allude to their earlier wilder days with one another. The stories of this intense passionate love seem a bit far-fetched from their daily routines but this provides support for their development into a companionate love that carries them through the struggles and triumphs of life. They are able to recognize the importance of one another to achieving their goals in life and also respect one another’s goals even if this means that they must step away from the situation and reassess how to best meet both of their needs.