The effectiveness of the marketing plan for RoverTech Company will be evaluated using two main methods. We determine the extent to which the plan will contribute to the success of the firm regarding financial outcomes and customer numbers. For example, if the number of customers would be found to be more than the time before the execution of the plan, then it would be concluded that the plan was successful. Likewise, an increase in financial returns would imply that the plan was successful in helping the company to achieve most of its goals in the short-term and long-term (Ward, 2014).

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The first method to assess the effectiveness of the plan would be the use of brand-awareness approach. Brand awareness implies that consumers are knowledgeable about a firm’s name or goods. In this context, online search terms will be determined to know if users would have searched the company’s name or its product. If a larger number of online customers will be found to have searched the firm or its product, then it would be concluded that the plan would be successful. Otherwise, it would be inferred that the plan would be not beneficial. Social analytics and mentions that involve the use of several online tools to measure the mentions and analytics of customers (Kuenn, 2014).

The data would be analysed using some sites, such as and Ideally, the group will aim at identifying and quantifying social sentiments on the internet. Thus, we will manage the aspect of online reputation and gain better insights into the manner in which the plan would be helping us to attract more customers for the firm and product. If the above two sites will not give the required outcomes, we might use others, including Meltwater, Facebook, and Tweetstats to gain more insights into the customer dynamics. The goal of such evaluations will be to assess and improve the degree of exposure that the plan will attain on the internet. Notably, the level of online exposure of the firm and the product will be associated with the level of achieving the objectives. In the modern world, many customers notice many brands on the internet, and they may even order them online (Kuenn, 2014).

There is a high level of interactions of persons on the internet while they mention and/or discuss the features and/or prices of goods. Thus, a higher level of interaction while mentioning the firm and its product will imply that the two terms elicit some level personal and interpersonal responses. The effectiveness of the plan will also be evaluated using trade shows and business conferences. The group will be attending global pet expos with the goal of asking people if they have heard about the firm and its product in the past. The data will be analysed to know the level of know-how of the participants regarding the firm (Ward, 2014). Finally, the use of profit analysis will determine whether the plan would be essential in improving financial outcomes. For example, if profits after the implementation of the plan would be less than before it was executed, then it would be concluded that more strategic approaches need to be adopted.

The report has discussed the major items in the strategic marketing plan of RovderTech, which specialises in a pet product. The group members in this project focused on the detailing, identification of key market segments, and the establishment of marketing campaign. The report holds that the mission of the firm is to promote a healthy lifestyle for dogs with the use of a user-friendly product, which uses solar technology. The aim of the product is to monitor the wellness levels of dogs across the world. The product is unique in comparison with its competitors in the market since it uses modern technologies of communication to achieve excellent goals. For example, it is possible for dog owners to monitor the wellness levels of their pets while they are away from home using mobile devices that adopt real-time alerts. RoverTech aims at establishing and maintaining s strong relationship with consumers since the management is aware that it can reap many business benefits from that.

To assure consumers that the solar-powered item is safe and durable, the firm offers a warranty of five years. The SWOT analysis of RoverTech led to the identification of main markets for the product. Notably, a high demand for the solar-powered item for pets was determined. In addition, it was established that the market demand is increasing. Consumers for the product are young persons, baby boomers, and middle-income earners. The product will be promoted on the platform of an agreement with PetSmart, but the firm can also supply other pet stores with the item, including Future Shop and Best Buy. Various social media platforms will be applied to market the product on the internet.

The report has given the details of how each site will be used, including specific objectives to be attained. Afterwards, the effectiveness of the plan will be assessed using two main ways; brand awareness and profit analysis. Overall, it would be critical to compare the results with the measurable and specific goals that are clear in the plan. If negative deviations will be identified, the group will focus on correcting approaches that would be critical to achieving goals. We will concentrate on attaining excellent results from approaches that will give good outcomes.