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Cold War Leader

Mikhail Gorbachev stands out as being among the most prominent figures believed to have significantly contributed in bringing an end to the cold war (Nedzarek n.p.). Some place him as one of the most controversial characters who contributed towards the end of the cold war. His reformist agenda stood out,...

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Violent Russia, Deadly Marxism?

The purpose behind Peter Holquist’s 2003 article “Violent Russia, Deadly Marxism? Russia in the Epoch of Violence, 1905-21” was to historicize a range of conditions under which the Soviet regime grew in power. Holquist argues that the Bolshevik state was the outcome of specific time and place as well as...

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US Managers in Russia

Success in management is dependent on the culture of the workers and the managers. The best results are realized where the managers and the workers have similar values and therefore approach working in the same way. A US worker or investor may be appalled by the application of movement skills...

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The Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution consisted of two violent revolutions that resulted in the collapse of the Russian Empire and the rise of a brand new political entity, i.e. the Soviet Union. The first of the two revolutions was the result of various political, social and economic issues, including Tsar Nicholas II’s...

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The Geography of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Russia was originally known as the Soviet Union before its collapse in 1991. In the modern world, Russia is one of the major nations which are dominant in the world of politics and economics. Russia geographically borders 12 states and 3 Baltic States all of which are linked to Europe....

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