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Ending Serfdom in Russia

In the 1800s, serfdom was a popular and predominant phrase that meant servants on the land. Serfdom was part of the broader system called feudalism, and this was a system made up of higher class princes and knights owning a system made up of middle class artisans and serfs who...

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The Wars In Chechnya

The devastation, destruction and human rights violations of the two Wars in Chechnya (1994 and 1999) have been a hot button issue in international politics for the last two decades. Since Russia annexed Chechnya mor than 200 years ago, the area has resisted that country’s rule. Chechnya, however, is extremely...

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Causes of the March Revolution

The March revolution marked the overthrow of the autocratic monarchy in Russia. In March 1917, Emperor Nicholas II renounced the throne for himself and for his son Alexei. This event was the starting point for the disintegration of the Russian Empire. There were geopolitical, social, economic, and military causes of...

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