Samsung Electronics represents one of the largest consortia in electronics, originally from South Korea. The company has a lot of employees around the world as well as has some subsidiary companies. The large capacity of the company also raises some valid points as to whether the company ethically behaves with their employees, what materials it uses for their technology production and what ethical implications its activities have.

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One of the major ethical concerns related to the ethical issues of Samsung relates to the investigation of the Association Press in 2016. Namely, the media source detected that South Korean employees working on the technology production were exposed to the harmful chemicals during their working settings. As a result of such exposure, 76 employees died. However, the company was really silent about bearing the consequences of such exposure. Clearly, the company could undertake some preventative measures and make sure that their employees will receive proper treatment work. However, the reality proved to be different and lead to a significant number of undesired deaths. Additionally, one of the former Samsung employees who is also a survivor of that incident claims that the company used child labor.

One of the strategies to improve the situation related to the treatment of employees requires the will from the management of Samsung. Through the top-down approach, the company could work on improving the working conditions and ensure that all its employees receive a proper treatment at work. In addition to that, all medical workers should be given the best packages of insurance and should be required to undergo medical checks every six months. That way, the company could keep the record of their health. Additionally, such strategy could satisfy the employees in the improvement of the health conditions for everyone working for Samsung.