I love the city of San Francisco. Located in California, it is my favorite place to vacation. The weather is temperate and it has many things to see. Thesis: San Francisco is one of the most beautiful places in the world where much culture can be found, especially the LGBT community.
When you ride over the Golden Gate Bridge and see the city of San Francisco, it just takes your breath away. The awesome scenery and sight of the Pacific Ocean is amazing. The smell of the crisp air is clean and fresh. What is even more spectacular is when you actually visit the city. Castro is an amazing area. I thought of LGBT activist Harvey Milk who lived in San Francisco and served as the first openly gay city supervisor. He helped gay people secure some rights and encourage this community to keep fighting for gay marriage.

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When I saw many of the shops in San Francisco that discussed gay history, my eyes teared up. You can sense what LGBT people experienced. I recognized the streets and towns of San Francisco from the movie “Milk” and “Stonewall.” I walked up to the Haight-Ashbury sign and touched it, the past energy of LGBT protests and rallies heating my skin. LGBT people have not had an easy time, discrimination, prejudice, and hate crimes committed against this population. Now gay people walk down the street with smiles, holding hands.

Seeing Alcatraz was also amazing. I took a trolley up to Fisherman’s Wharf. As I peered out over the scintillating water, I saw Alcatraz, a lone prison where criminal Al Capone was jailed. Capone was one of the most famous mobsters of our time. The only way that once can get to it is to take a boat or maybe swim. In spite of the beauty and sun shining off of the water, I am sure that the inside of Alcatraz was a different story.

As you can see, San Francisco is one of the most beautiful places, the Pacific Ocean on its western coast. The city’s LGBT culture can be seen and felt, the energy and struggles alive in the city. People such as activist Harvey Milk advocated for gay rights, so that today, LGBT people can hold hands and love one another. Alcatraz is also another point of interest, its outer beauty masking what men inside have probably experienced. I will always love San Francisco.