The piano is the instrument that is heard most during the piano. The sound of a saxophone accompanies this. The overall texture is general thin during the introduction. This is because the sounds are of tenor sounds. The piano keeps the basic tempo and the beat of the band. The piano sets the pace for all other instruments and is responsible for the sound, tone and beat played on the other instruments. The harmony of the band is kept by the piano making the work to sound just like a masterpiece of a musical work. The tempo of the music being played is median. The median tempo gives the musical a beautiful sound that may allow it to be used in most types of music. The music has a very happy mood. I like it mainly because it creates a melting in the heart. This makes the performance outstanding and greatly likable.

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The dynamics change is in the instruments played and is controlled mainly by the piano. This involves alteration of the instruments played and change from one voice to another. For example, a change from tenor sax to a bass guitar or to drum sets. These dynamics change involve a change in sounds while the tempo remains the same. The sax, piano and the drum sets create the tonal color in the music. They are also somehow responsible for the tempo. The sax gets much of the solo in the music. I would listen to this song severally even after completion of this assignment. The song creates a happy and melting feeling that makes it likable. Moreover, the harmony in the tone and the mood of the song makes it hard to resist. The song is unique, and the instrumentals vary in the tempo. It is likable because of the unique combination of all the instruments used to create a beautiful song.