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Saudi Arabia

Security Evaluation and Report on Riyadh Health Care Facility

Information communication technology has revolutionized business transactions, communication, and planning. The real benefits of information and communication technology can be realized with a secure system. However, the existence of system vulnerabilities has exposed organizations to security risks and cyber-attacks which have in the past led to the collapse several organizations...

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The Importance of Saudi Arabia Oil in the 21st Century

Objectives The study aims: 1. To demonstrate Saudi Arabia’s oil policy in the 21st Century and its effect on world oil price 2. To demonstrate the importance of Saudi Arabia’s oil policies in global events 3. To determine the substantial impact of Saudi Arabia’s performance in the global oil market...

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The Environmental Impact from Baysh Dam in Saudi Arabia

Baysh Dam is located in the Jizan region found in the southwestern parts of Saudi Arabia. It is considered to be one of the largest water reservoirs within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Elhag et al., 2019). With a catchment area estimated at 4,312 km2, the dam has the potential...

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The Dutch Disease in Saudi Arabia

The percentage of fuel exports of the country’s total merchandises has declined from 89 percent in 1999 to 79 percent in 2016. Despite this decrease, oil is still Saudi Arabia’s major export, thus qualifying it for the Dutch disease. The proportion of fuel exports was steadily at the same level...

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The Crisis in USA and its Effect on OPEC and Saudi Arabia

The financial crisis in the United State of America began in the year 2007 and was described as one of the worst of all times. The crisis affected all sectors of the economy leading to a slowdown in the economy (Letica). The American currency is used in international trade; America...

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