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Saudi Arabia

Shiites in Saudi Arabia

In the past, the representatives of Muslim trends and sects used to live without any disputes. In many cases, their cooperation and shared vision were obvious throughout their performance. However, nowadays, more and more contradictions occur between Shias and Sunnis. This tension violates the laws of Islam, increasing the development...

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Saudi Aramco Oil Facility Blaze

There was a fire at the Saudi Aramco oil facility in Riyadh on the 19th October 2016. The fire injured 17 workers, with three of casualties needing specialized treatment. This is not the first fire accident that the Saudi Aramco oil company has had in the recent past. It was...

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Saudi Arabia’s Criminal Justice System

Introduction A key United States’ ally and a definite monarchy, Saudi Arabia Kingdom is popular due to its wealth. This kingdom has extensive oil reserves which have made the nation great wealth as it is the largest exporter of oil. The state’s wealth is visible from the luxurious livery. This...

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Saudi Arabia and its Future in Alternative Energy

Saudi Arabia faces a dilemma with the prices on oil barrels falling lower and lower every day. With this drop in prices comes a painful downfall in the economy of that region, as they depend upon oil exports to support the country. However, there remains several other options that Saudi...

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Riyal Dollar Peg

The currency of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Saudi Riyal. It has been officially pegged to the U.S. Dollar at 3.75 Riyal per USD1 since 2003 or nearly eleven years now (OANDA). As Saudi Central Bank Governor Muhammad Al-Jasser explained, being pegged to the USD supports the kingdom’s primarily...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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