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Saudi Arabia

Development of Reading Books in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a different country with different cultural values and a government approach that may alarm the Western society. Although academic achievement is celebrated as it is in most of the civilized world, reading simply for the pleasure of doing so is not necessarily a high priority in Saudi...

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Cross Cultural Interview: Saudi Arabia

Ronal Abboud is originally from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In addition to living in Saudi Arabia he spent three years in the United Kingdom as a teenager, and he has been living in the United States for five years (R. Abboud, personal communication, September 18, 2017). He is 26 years old,...

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Comparing the USA and Saudi Arabia

The United States of America and Saudi Arabia are two completely different states. They are based on radically opposite principles. This paper aims to compare three features of the legal systems of these two countries, namely executive branch, legislature, and freedom of religion. Executive branch The US President is the...

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Correlation between financial fraud and internal auditing in Saudi Arabia

Introduction Accounting fraud in Saudi Arabia The Saudi Arabia monetary authority describes financial fraud as an act that involves the deceit to obtain indirect or direct financial benefit. However, the presence of advanced communication systems and modern technology become a double-edged sword apart from their intended goal. Importantly, the Saudi...

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Saudi Arabia and Iran

The Middle East has been an integral part of global history since the beginning of the 20th century. That is, during this time, their economies have grown significantly, mainly due to vast oil reserves, making them of particular interest to countries that consume a lot of oil, such as the...

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