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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia's vision of 2030 presents diverse insights for improving the country. The vision 2030 covers a broad spectrum of activities in society, which require keen attention from the government. One of the critical factors in vision 2030 is to continue with the presentation of equal chances to both genders...

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Why Women In Saudi Arabia Cannot Drive A Car

Gender parity in Saudi Arabia is one of the most glaring aspects among others. The tribal culture of the communities dominant in the region has majorly contributed to the lean opportunities granted to the female gender in Saudi. The strong culture and beliefs dominant in the region are interpreted from...

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Living in Saudi Arabia

We sometimes understand the world better when we go through contrasting life experiences. Similarly, things hold greater value for us when we don’t have them for granted. Being raised in my native Saudi Arabia where I have been studying at a boarding school since the age of 12 as well...

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Sustainability in Saudi Arabia

Recently, Saudi Arabia decided to invest in technology that will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, which is one of many initiatives in the Middle East that has made it popular among businesses seeking an ecologically-friendly business environment. Prince Mohammed bin Salman also announced the launch of the NEOM project,...

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Comparing Nursing Education in Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka

This paper compares and contrasts nursing education within Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka. Saudi Arabia was picked because it is a growing economy with increasing influence in the world. Sri Lanka is not often thought of for health care, yet within Sri Lanka has been a health system for centuries....

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