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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: The New Leader

Instead of threatening the power of the Saudi rulers, the Arab Spring has strengthened it. Coronation of the new King in Riyadh has ensured the renaissance of authoritarianism in the Middle East. The Saudi political influence strongly relies on their profits from obtaining natural resources, and it is a glaring...

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Crime Scene Forensics in Saudi Arabia

AbstractForensic medicine as a practice in Saudi Arabia cannot be judged by what we see on American television. It is unique in the world pertaining to medicolegal death investigations. As with many practices in the Arab world, it is conducted by tradition and law under rules set forth by Islam...

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Iran And Saudi Arabia

The world has been witnessing the struggle between Iran and Saudi Arabia from years now. This struggle continuously changes its reason, like sometimes it is claimed that it is due to religion divided in to Sunni-Shi’i sectarian conflicts and sometimes it seems that power is the culprit of such a...

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The Risk of Sports Corruption in Saudi Arabia

Reducing the Risk of Corruption in Public Procurement in the Context of Sports EventsThe sports sector is classified as a multi-billion industry, in addition to engaging billions of sports fans. For many throughout the globe, sports are a source and symbol of both great joy and fair play through taking...

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Livestock Prices in Saudi Arabia

The prices of livestock in Saudi Arabia often go up significantly, especially, during Ramadan and Hajj. A sheep price jumps by almost 50 percent near Eid Al-Adha festival . The best quality sheep may sell for $400 during normal days but it may sell for as high as $800 in...

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