A method of scampering that many manufacturers of baby supplies utilize is Combining. An example of this is the infant travel systems. These systems combine an infant car seat, carrier, and stroller. The combination gives parents an easier way to transport the infants while allow the manufacturer to guarantee that all products are purchased from them.

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Mermaid Swim Fins:
This product represents adapting as it makes the swim fins resemble mermaid fins. This approach makes them more appealing for young girls. They come in sizes to fit children through age 12 and allow children to swim around pretending to be mermaids. They do have a quick release strap for safety.

Outdoor Wireless Speakers:
This product represents the elimination method as the need to plug your music source into the speakers in order to produce the desired sound quality is eliminated. The weather resistant system allows for use indoors or outdoors in the elements. With a 5″ woofer and a 1″ tweeter, these outdoor wireless speakers deliver great sound.

Go Anywhere Portable High Chair:
This product represents the modifying method of scampering. Taken from the concept of folding canvas chairs that are used for a quick seat at an outing, the manufacturers have added a front pad with leg holes and a front tray to create a portable high chair. They even thought to leave room for a cup holder in the one piece product.

Man Cave Mini Refrigerator Table:
This product represents both the modifying and the combination methods of scampering. By modifying the traditional end table and combining it with a dorm size refrigerator, this product allows for a stylish twist on the concept of keeping cold beverages at the consumers fingertips. This energy efficient product is a step up from the traditional end tables and mini refrigerators.

P3 Pico/ Pocket HD Projector:
This product represents the minify method of scampering. Not only does a projector typically allow for a larger viewing screen without the need for a heavy television screen, this product fits in the palm of the hand and produces high quality images. The projector is only 4.6″ long, 2.6″ wide, and 1.4″ tall.

Oversized Cotton Rope Hammock:
This product represents the magnifying method of scampering. By putting extra dimensions to the traditional hammock, the manufacturers gave consumers the option to share the relaxation of the hammock with a loved one. Measuring 60″ X 80″ the oversized cotton rope hammock holds up to 450 pounds.

Reversible Hammock Pad:
This product represents the reverse method of scampering. By offering a striped side and a solid side, this reversible hammock pad offers the consumer the option to change their outdoor décor without having to purchase an additional hammock pad. Measuring 53″ X 80″, this pad fits snuggly on most hammocks and is designed to add comfort to the hammock.

Pen Sized Scanner:
This product represents the minifying method of scampering. By allowing the consumer the ability to portably scan documents, the company has allowed for an easier method of recording information. Additionally, the pen sized scanner comes with USB plug that allows the consumer to plug the device directly into a computer in order to save the data.

Crib Combinations:
Representing the rearranging and the combination method of scampering, modern cribs have became a one stop bed solution. For example, not only do they come with changing stations attached on the side of the crib bed, the beds themselves can be altered to be cribs, toddler beds, daybeds, and eventually full sized beds. Assumedly, this should be the only bed that an individual should ever need.

Ancient philosophers discussed the concept of “re-thinkers” as a negative attribute of progress and stated that very few people come up with their own things. This may be true to some degree, however the process of scampering allows for the improvement on old ideas and products. If there was no process by which a society could add a modernization to an old idea or product, then we would be stuck in a civilization that didn’t have seatbelts or airbags in our vehicles. We would not have healthier foods and better health care and technology. I feel that both in my personal and professional life that scampering will allow me to take the information that I have and combine it with previous concepts in an attempt to improve my situation.