In order to keep both female voters and business contacts on side when introducing laws that would reduce union powers, I would appeal to the interests of female voters and show these interests can be met without unions. It is also the case that women are more likely to suffer discrimination at work and that, in a difficult and precarious labour market, they are more likely to be fired than men. Current research shows that 41% of women are currently the primary bread winner in their homes (AW, 2015). As such, it would be necessary to ensure that women know that reducing the power of union would not make them more vulnerable to discrimination. In order to do this, I would make public statements in order to guarantee that I would be taking active steps to reduce discrimination in the work place. I would also make sure that existing laws that were designed to reduce discrimination were effective. Alongside this, I would cultivate an open public image and encourage any women to share concerns regarding the nature of their employment. Finally, I would also make speeches that focus on the job creation that reducing the power of unions can bring, and the way in which they can lead to a general growth and prosperity for an area. By doing this, I would make it cleat that women could still achieve security and prosperity. without access to a union.
To deal with a scandal regarding my candidate avoiding a tour of duty, I would begin by praising the courage of the people who serve in the military. This would ensure that people knew they respected the military and was not attempting to distract attention way from people who actively serve abroad. I would then, however, focus on the way in which leadership is an important factor in the National Guard. Most of all, I would look for other examples in my candidates career in which they have shown excellent leadership and would campaign around this. When doing this, I would make it priority to generate the impression that the candidate has the utmost respect for the armed forces, but also show that leadership can come from elsewhere.

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