Within the context of why these documents will be used and how, the development of my resume has been done the way that it is in an effort to help secure a position within Schlumberger Limited. Given the nature of my major and the interests that I have in pursuing a career pertaining to the engineering and development industry. The primary audience for this resume and cover letter will be the individuals who interview for the engineering and development sector of Schlumberger and similar companies. Given the rank with which I’d like to enter into the company, these individuals are expected to be of high knowledge and needs in terms of balancing the engineering and development aspect of Schlumberger. With this resume and cover letter, I’d hope to exude my capacities within the Electrical Engineering Technology sector. Furthermore, given the nature of the position that I’m applying for, I chose to maintain a relatively simple font and typography over the course of the resume itself.

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This was the primary attribute of why I chose to design the aspects of the resume the way that I did. In essence, I’d like to emphasize my own professionalism while simultaneously addressing the individuals within this company with as little additional information as possible. Given the nature of Schlumberger Limited as the world’s single largest oilfield services and provider company, the importance of a position with a company such as this for a person with my particular major is huge. (Wethe, 2012) In order to land a position with such a company, I would need a resume that emphasizes my strengths and experience without looking too unnecessarily superfluous. For instance, the majority of the text throughout the course of the resume is featured in Cambria format which is a standard font for many resumes.

Furthermore, my name is placed at the top in a simple blue font and the headers of each section correspond in a similar hue. This is in an effort to emphasize the information more so than the format and design that is used throughout the course of the resume. In the Objective section, I clearly outline the fact that I am attempting to enter into the Electrical Engineering Technology field. From there, I clearly outline the source of my education and when I expect to graduate from Michigan Technological University. Given the nature of the position, I felt as if it were important to outline the computer and technical skills I possess. This is largely due to the fact that a position in this industry is heavily reliant upon these aspects and traits. Utilizing advanced systems and programs are essential to essentially every facet of the modern electrical engineering technology field, so I felt it was important to outline my experience with these programs.

Another important attribute of the position is the ability to work and communicate with individuals, so I attempted to reflect this in the experience that I selected. From there, I chose to focus exclusively on the classes that I have taken over the course of my college career and the different specializations that I have from these classes in the hopes that it will appeal to different individuals within the field and the industry. Among these courses listed are those such as “Data communications” and “Digital Electronics & Microprocessor fundamentals” which I feel are particularly pertinent to a position within a company that is constantly on the cutting edge of technology and developments. Lastly, given the prominent countries for oil services, I chose to list both my native country of Saudi Arabia and my primary languages of Arabic and English to emphasize my abilities to branch out of simply predominantly English speaking countries for a company such as Schlumberger.

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