Using Grammarly and SafeAssign is a very educative and informative experience. The use of the two databases made sure I value the ideals of writing original works right from the top of my head. The two resources also encourage learning and understanding. This is because in order to write original work I discovered I first had to ensure I understand what I am writing about and get it from the top of my head. Harvey (2012) affirms on the need of crediting sources of all information borrowed.

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Originality of work assured by the two resources assures there cannot be similarity in writing between any two individuals even when they are expressing the same idea. In the nature through which the resources are connected to institutional databases ensures students cannot copy from works already submitted across other institutions. The work I write must be original and actual writing done within the given time period of an assignment of exam. Furthermore, the two resources check on grammar and composition within writing.

Despite the fact that there are different English writing styles the databases make sure they standardize it into a common form of English to be used across academic writing. Avoiding plagiarism is a vital aspect of ensuring academic integrity is maintained across all institutions and writers in the world and across time (Iverson, 2013). Another good resource that supports academic writing is Turnitin. It checks all papers submitted to it in the interned for plagiarism and grammar issues. It employs a web crawler and distinct databases. With access to 6 databases such as Sage it accesses global institutions and databases registered with it (APS, 2015).

APA formatting guidelines portray that the paper should use Times New Roman Font. The font size should be formatted to size 12 (Angeli, 2012). This can be found on the first page of the Purdue OWL APA formatting database.

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