It is interesting to work with computers. Computer technology has resulted in significant developments in areas such as medicine, education, agriculture, communications, photography, and economics through software designed to address modern challenges. However, there is no end to innovations. Several experiences have awakened my interest in computer engineering to time. On one occasion, a classmate fell victim to cyber bullying by a friend she had met online. Out of fear and naivety, she visited the bully in his apartment where she was repeatedly raped for two days before she got help.

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I did not only sympathize with this girl but also got my mind thinking why users of online communication platforms were so vulnerable. Couldn’t anything be done to counter cyber crime?. Since then my desire has been to work with computers in dealing with modern-day technological challenges. Just recently, hackers stole sensitive data from JP Morgan bank, one of the leading financial institutions in the country. My desire to be competent in software development is also driven by the fact that technology is fast changing and directly influencing people’s lives in all spheres. I want to be part of the change. However, I realize that I do not have the ability to meet the fees obligations for a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. To this effect, I am applying for a scholarship to see me through the university.

Admission and completion of a computer related courses in the university are expensive. I am applying for a scholarship to advance my dream, make and leave a mark in the world. To achieve this desire, I need the scholarship to pay my college fees and boarding fees throughout my studies. One needs to concentrate fully and give all his time at the university to searching for knowledge without having to engage in parallel jobs to look for cash to fill in any deficits. To fully exploit my potential in this area, I need not be out of class working. With the scholarship, I will spend more engaging in self-improvement opportunities such as internships in my area of study.

I am dynamic, innovative, determined, hard working, and a go getter. I give total attention to the achievement of my goals traits that made me score excellent grades earning admission to any prestigious university if awarded the scholarship. My experiences in working with various community organizations enhance my candidacy for the scholarship. I have helped out in the IT departments of the various organizations in my community. I have volunteered as a trainee under the guidance of my role model who is a software developer and web designer. Under his care, I learned how to handle clients in a professional manner, to meet deadlines, and to manage time. I have learned the basics in web designing and programming. This hands-on experience has prepared me for a course in computer engineering. The lessons will enable me achieve my goals during my time at the college and after college.

The high cost of computer engineering courses has made it difficult for many qualified students to join the university and pursue them. Many of these eligible students end up taking other courses at the university. Such other courses may have much impact in the technologically advancing world, leaving a significant gap in the development of computer software systems. It has made it possible for the existing software to be hacked with a lot of ease. The current software systems have reached a point of almost no further growth. It, therefore, needs new methods and ideas engineered by ambitious, young, and innovative brains. The rise in cyber crime is evidence of this shortfall in software development. If the current status in the computer engineering field stands, there is a possibility of computer revolution becoming one of the biggest revolution failures that never adapted to changes. Getting a scholarship will give me a chance to interrogate the deficits in the current software engineering systems and address them through innovating modern and advanced software engineered to address present day technological challenges.

The world is at risk of the worst kind of criminals that are different from the gun totting and masked ones. Cyber criminals have mutated into many different forms. They carry out their activities at will and without any warnings. This situation is bound to change by offering a scholarship to the needy goal-oriented ambitious students who are eager to prove their worth in the society.

With the scholarship, I will be in a position to join any prestigious university, a big boost to the scholarship foundation to attract more bright and deserving students. The university will attract the best brains in this area that will make an impact in our community. It will also be without the worry of accumulating debts during and after the course from student loans. With the scholarship, I will be able to advance research without any fear of failure or even postponing studies.

Apart from fulfilling my lifetime goal of being a software computer engineer, my greatest happiness will come from my ability to reach out to someone in trouble. I will also able to prevent crimes, to puzzle out technological challenges, and to create new software adapted to current needs. With the current rates of unemployment, the scholarship will give me the opportunity to be independent and later an employer. Your organization is known for its integrity in awarding scholarships to bright and ambitious students. The computer engineering studies I plan to pursue at the university will set me on the pathway to achieving my career goals and life aspirations. I am grateful for the opportunities you provide to the scholarship recipients, and I look forward to becoming one of the beneficiaries.